10 Things Overlooked on a Wedding Day (Photographer's View)

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I thought I would put together a list of things that are most often forgotten or needed for a wedding day from my point of view. There are things that make my job easier, are needed for photo opportunities or things that will make the day go smoother. Hope it helps, feel free to add your suggestions in the comments!

1.         Fill out the questionnaire

Before every wedding, I send out a questionnaire for the bride and groom to fill out. This form is filled with questions about your big day: dates, times, places, family member’s names, family dynamics, bridal party names, special picture requests, and vendor services used (for blogging purposes). This is a great way for me to collect information and have it all organized in one place for you wedding day. The form is also a great way for me to start learning important players in your wedding, this way, I’m not yelling “hey you!” all day and can call people by their name. This can be filled out during a meeting or at your own leisure. 

2.         Read contracts

All the important information is in your contract: when to expect your photos, how they will be delivered, what will be delivered, payment schedules, cancellations policies, and loads of other information is in the contract that was signed. Don’t skim this agreement, please take the time to sit down and make sure you know what you are signing.

3.         “Getting ready” room 

The “getting ready room” is not often thought about. Commonly, the designated area to get ready is a church basement that is over crowded, cluttered, and dark. If you have the opportunity to choose, pick a room that is open and well lit.  Although I am able to light the dark basement, for the sake of time and aesthetics, a picturesque room will make an appealing background.

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4.         Pinterest take over

I LOVE Pinterest and I think it is a great tool.  If you have a Pinterest wedding photography board, send it to me. Ill be happy to look through it and see what you envisioned for your day. I will not be able to recreate every photo, but I’ll definitely use your board as a starting point and as a reference. Think of it as inspiration, not replica.  Many boards that I have reviewed have many of the same poses and pictures pinned. I hope you hired me to get a little creative and that you trust me to capture and create images that we both can be proud of.

5.         Emergency kit

I swear by having an emergency kit ! If I’m photographing your wedding, I will bring my own so you don’t need to worry about it. My personal kit is shown here. It has been  used every wedding day and it is definitely a must-have!

6.         Marriage license

The signing of the license is a very special part of the day. It’s very important to make sure you have applied for and obtained your license prior to your big day! If you are getting married in a different town or unable to have the officiant who marries you sign the contract, this is especially important. The signing of your marriage license, is a very special moment that you might want documented with a photograph as well. 

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7.         Invitation Suite

Invitations are pricey! You spent the time choosing the perfect design and customized them, so why not get a stylized photo of one? Even the small details of your day should be documented.



8.         Dress hanger

Your wedding dress will probably be the most sentimental (not to mention, expensive) garment in your life. Generally brides want a styled picture of their dress hanging up, and its hung on a dull plastic hanger. I will bring a wooden hanger for the bride’s dress if one is forgotten, but if you’d like a more personalized hanger, you may want to choose your own.


9.         Rings

As a photographer, rings make a very special detail shot. I love to spend a few minutes before the wedding to get the perfect ring shots. It is great if all three rings are in the same place, so I can do it when there is some down-time before the ceremony begins. If this doesn’t happen, don’t stress! I will get those shots, I just may have to borrow your rings while you are finishing dinner.

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10.   Nourish yourself!

Your wedding is a busy, crazy day but don’t forget to eat and drink! The last thing you want for yourself and your wedding party is to become dehydrated and “hangry”. Hungry people don't like having their picture taken! I’ve personally know what it’s like to be dehydrated while shooting a wedding. I learned that lesson the hard way, and will never let that happen again!


      Bonus tip

You are marrying the love of your life. This day is about marriage, love, friendship,  and family. If something goes wrong, try not to fret. Don’t be afraid to delegate tasks to others to save yourself some stress. Enjoy your day of love and laughter, and you’ll be happily ever after!


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